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Top 5 Best Essential Oils For Hyperpigmentation

Essential oils have become a staple for many when it comes to beauty treatments, and with good reason. Every essential oil has its own powerful attributes, so let’s take a look at the best essential oils for hyperpigmentation.

Best Essential Oils For Hyperpigmentation

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil For HyperpigmentationCarrot seed oil is an essential oil which is excellent for all things skin related.

In the beauty industry, carrot seed oil is widely used in  a variety of anti ageing products due to its ability to tighten and rejuvinate tired looking skin. Try and purchase cold pressed carrot seed oil as this has been shown to have the most effect on cases of hyperpigmentation.

Lemon Oil

lemon oil for hyperpigmentationLemon is well known as an anti bacterial agent and as an mild to fairly strong astringent. It is also excellent for lightening dark spots on the skin, due to its bleaching properties. Be wary when using lemon oil though, as lemon can serve as an irritant to sensitive skin.

If you do have sensitive skin, try mixing some lemon oil in your favorite moisturizer or in adding to a little natural yogurt and applying to the skin.

Rose Oil

rose oil for hyperpigmentationRose oil is one of those well known essential oils, but often underated as an oil that can fade dark marks on the skin.

Rose oil is anti bacterial, anti viral and excellent for clearing cases of acne. This oil has also been shown to fade instances of acne scarring (post infammatory hyperpigmentation).

Tamanu Oil

tamaru nuts on a treeTamanu oil is a reasonably exotic and lesser known oil, and therefore can be fairly pricey, don’t be put off by the price though, as this stuff is amazing!

Tamanu oil is a product of the nuts from the Ati tree, which is a tree found mainly in Polynesia (told you it was exotic) The raw oil is dark green in color.  It is fantastic for anything skin related, and is especially good for burns, cases of eczema and treating dark spots on the skin.

Vitamin E Oil

vitamin e oil for hyperpigmentationLast but not least is the miracle that is Vitamin E Oil.

Vitamin E oil should be an essential part of your daily skin routine as it will help repair damaged skin cells and generally revitalize your skin as a whole. A must have oil to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

And there you have it, a top five list of the best essential oils for hyperpigmentation. Most of these oils can be blended together to form a powerful treatment for helping to treat dark skin spots and blemishes on the skin, try it, and see if it works for you.