Lemon Juice For Hyperpigmentation – Does It Work?

It’s the number one choice as a home remedy for treating dark pigmentation, aka – hyperpigmentation.

It has many uses, a powerful anti-bacterial, and also a natural bleaching agent. So can you use lemon juice for hyperpigmentation?

Lemon is popular as a natural way to lighten hair color, but its natural bleaching properties can also be used used on the skin.
PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), freckles, dark skinspots, age spots and even old scars can be faded with lemon juice.

How to use lemon on the skin.

Important: Lemon is naturally acidic, try a test patch first for any reactions. If there is any reaction, try diluting the lemon juice with a little water.
Thinly slice a lemon and place the slices on the areas of dark pigmentation. Apply for a maximum of 10 minutes, then rinse with water.
Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a suitable container. Again, apply to affected area with either a cotton ball or pad.
Other fruits can be mixed with lemon juice to strengthen the lightening effect. Limes, tomatoes, grapefruit and oranges all contain natural acidic bleaching agents.
Remember to apply a good quality moisturizer after applying any acidic juice to the skin.
You can also add lemon juice to other natural ingredients to create an organic skin lightening “lotion”.

You can mix lemon juice with a natural base oil such as almond or olive oil and apply it regularly to the skin. Olive and almond oil are excellent moisturizers and will hydrate the skin. Natural yogurt is another good base to use with lemon juice, yogurt contains a number of natural enzymes that are very beneficial to the skin, and also contains its own natural bleaching agent.

• A natural face mask with lemon juice.

1 x cup of cooked oatmeal, natural yogurt, 2 x tbs fresh lemon juice.

Mix the ingredients together and apply to the face. Rinse off after half an hour and apply your favorite moisturizer.

If you find that lemon is too acidic for your skin, or it doesn’t work for you, remember that there are many natural remedies for hyperpigmentation just as effective as lemon juice, and always remember that with all natural remedies, perseverance is the key to success.