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Eucerin Even Brighter Review

Eucerin are an established brand and offer no less than 4 different creams for pigmentation. The Eucerin Even Brighter range consists of – Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream, Even Brighter Night Cream, Even Brighter Concentrate and lastly the Even Brighter Dark Spot Corrector.
All the creams are of a non greasy nature and easily absorbed into the skin. The key ingredients are B-Resorcinol and Glycyrrhetinic acid. Both these ingredients are found in all the Eucerin Even Brighter range. The cream is also an SPF 30.

B-Resorcinol works to reduce the amount of melanin that your skin produces (over production of melanin is the cause of darker skin spots) The other main ingredient – Glycyrrhetinic acid, is derived from a Chinese licorice plant, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, helping to repair damaged skin cells.

Eucerin state that the cream is suitable for normal to dry skin types.
For best results cleanse and tone first, and then apply the cream. For even better results you can use the Even Brighter Concentrate or the Even Brighter Dark Spot Correcter before applying the cream.
You can also buy the Even Brighter Night Cream which can help the process along even further.

If your skin is going to be exposed to strong light or weather conditions, Eucerin suggest applying a suitable SPF 50 after applying the product.

Overall, Eucerin Even Brighter seems to work reasonably well, with noticable improvements over the course of 12 weeks. It’s important to stress that with all topical creams it’s worth giving them a decent period of time before giving up and trying something else.