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Hyperpigmentation Home Remedies

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that affects millions of people around the world. It takes various forms, but the most common is among acne sufferers who have healed from a recent episode. After the acne has healed, the skin is left with an often highly visible scarring that can cause a great deal of embarrassment due to it’s reddish or pink coloring.

Mild cases of hyperpigmentation usually fade away gradually with time, but more severe cases can be treated in a variety of ways. Here a few home remedies that can help the healing process.

potatoesPotato has long been recognized for it’s skin healing properties. Used highly effectively on the treatment of burns, potato contains many healing minerals and vitamins. Potato is also known to contain a bleaching agent that can lighten patches of darker skin. Slices of potato can be placed on the affected area for maximum results.

LemonLemon is well-known for it’s cleaning and antibacterial properties. High concentrates of vitamin C make it a top choice for fighting the effects of cold and flu symptoms. Lemon can also be used to bleach darker patches of skin. Dab a solution of lemon and water on the affected areas a couple of times a day to see results.


Aloe vera is a another well-known plant for use against all kinds of skin disorders. It is a powerful healer and astringent, and can be applied as frequently as you like.


MintMint is a lesser known and simple remedy for lightening the skin is fresh mint. Mash some fresh mint leaves into a paste and apply where necessary. Leave for around 30 minutes and wash with clean water.


yogurt and oatmeal facemaskYogurt and Oatmeal FacemaskA face mask made from yogurt and cooked oatmeal can be used to treat instances of hyperpigmentation. Let the mask dry out before rinsing off with warm water. Mix with a little honey for the best results.

There are few more natural remedies for hyperpigmentation – Eggs, beaten into a frothy mixture and applied to the face. Turmeric and lime, both natural bleaching agents, are also good for lightening the skin.

Using home remedies for hyperpigmentation is a great way of combating those embarrassing darker spots of skin. You can help your skin even further by drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and also regularly applying a good quality sunscreen.