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Will Hyperpigmentation Go Away By Itself?

There are different types of hyperpigmentation, and all can be caused for a variety of different reasons.
“Will hyperpigmentation go away by itself?“, that depends on what form of hyperpigmentation you have, and its severity.
Lets look at the various forms of hyperpigmentation and help you decide whether or not some form of treatment would help reduce the appearance of those unwanted darker patches of skin.

Freckles and sun damage– probably the most well-known form of hyperpigmentation. Sun damage is the no.1 cause of hyperpigmentation. We all know that the sun can damage the skin. If the skin is damaged due to over exposure to the sun, the skin will often struggle to repair the damage caused, leading to hyperpigmentation. In most cases the skin will recover, but intensive moisturizing and use of a good sunscreen in the future is paramount.
Fair skinned people are genetically predisposed to freckles, but a few people can have large amounts when exposed to the sun. A good sunscreen will help, but as freckles are largely an hereditary trait for the fair skinned, many who have them tend to think it’s something they have to live with, this is not the case, a good hyperpigmentation cream can have dramatic results.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation – otherwise known as acne scars, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is another common form of hyperpigmentation. After a outbreak of acne, the skin tries to heal and over produces the chemical known as “melanin”. This chemical is responsible for the pigment or color in your skin. At the sites of the recent acne a dark spot of skin is the result of the healing process. Unfortunately, acne scarring is probably the most stubborn form of hyperpigmentation. Over time, the hyperpigmentation will go away gradually, but in most cases, never completely. The appearance of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation would definitely benefit from a good hyperpigmentation cream or treatment.

Melasma – characterized by brown patches of skin on the forehead, cheeks and nose. This form of hyperpigmentation commonly affects pregnant women, hence it’s nickname – “the mask of pregnancy”. Melasma can also be caused by certain kinds of birth control pills, but this all depends on the type of birth control pill and the individual taking them. Melasma, in most cases, does seem to just last the term of the pregnancy, or once the birth control is changed or stopped. Once the body returns to its normal balance, the hyperpigmentation will gradually fade away. Again, for stubborn cases, Melasma can be treated with hyperpigmentation creams.

Will hyperpigmentation go away by itself? – Although most instances of hyperpigmentation will go away gradually over time, some of the more stubborn cases can definitely be helped with some form of treatment.