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Treatments For Hyperpigmentation And Dark Skin Pigmentation

Everyone is unique, and so is their skin.
Most treatments for hyperpigmentation do have a decent success rate, it’s just a case of finding out what works for you.
Let’s look at what’s available, and help you choose what’s best for your skin.

So what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people who suffer from pigmentation problems think – laser therapy. The procedure IPL Therapymost commonly used is something called Advanced Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, or, IPL for short. Pulses of light are fired at the skin which turn to heat to destroy the darker skin cells. The skin will then scab or peel, and gradually fade. A course of treatments is normally recommended, usually 5 – 6. Laser treatment for hyperpigmentation is high on the list of available treatments, and it does have it’s successes, unfortunately, it’s not cheap. Treatments start around $150 per session, but depending on where you go, this can vary considerably. If you opt for this type of treatment, do your research, and choose a well established clinic with experience in this kind of procedure.

Another recent popular treatment for hyperpigmentation is a microdermabrasionprocess known as Microdemabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a process of intense exfoliation carried out by a qualified professional. A small handheld instrument fires minute aluminium oxide particles at the skin to remove the top layers of skin, leaving a more even skin tone. The procedure is quick, taking around 30 minutes, earning it the nickname – “the lunchtime peel”. You’ll probably need a course of treatments to get the desired results, usually between 4 and 8. Treatments start at around $75. Home microdermabrasion kits have become popular, with some reasonably priced kits available.

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Chemical peels are another option for treating hyperpigmentation. This is a process in which a chemical solution is applied to skin. As its name suggests, the chemical then removes the top few layers of skin allowing new skin cell growth. If you choose this treatment, make sure you are informed as to what is involved. Find out more on home chemical peels here.

Natural remedies are many people’s first stop as a treatment for hyperpigmentation. Easily accessible and either free or very cheap, natural remedies are a good start. Natural skin lighteners are plentiful, some are time served, tried and tested, others more obscure and little known, but no less effective. Lemon is probably one of the best known natural remedies, the acidic properties of the lemon have been known to lighten darker patches of skin. Other remedies include turmeric and lime, apple cider vinegar, potato, cucumber and licorice extract. Search this site for many more natural remedies for hyperpigmentation.

Another successful method for removing dark pigmentation are the creams especially formulated for the job. Natural creams are now the market leaders, this is largely due to recent investigation into the adverse effects of chemical based creams. Chemical based creams contain a substance known as hydroquinone, a chemical that has undergone much scrutiny in recent years. This chemical has been related to skin reactions, and research is also being done into a possible link to cancer. As a result, all hydroquinone based creams have now been banned in all countries in the European Union and many others are following suit. A few natural based creams do have excellent results, and are definitely worth a try.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into the treatments for hyperpigmentation, and help you make an informed decision as to what treatment would be the best choice for your skin.